Fault Handling

NW is committedto providing professional and high-quality technical support service forcustomers. We have well-trained professional network engineers and experiencedmaintenance personnel to handle faults for customer in real time. Inafter-sales technical support, we classified system problems intofour tiers by severity:

Serious: line interruption or failure of NW equipment

Urgent: The network is not disconnected, but the customercannot use the system effectively.

Standard: The network system can be used normally, butproblems are found in the internal test or functions fall short ofexpectations.

Consultation: consultation about use of the networksystem

Based on the four tiers, weprovide different handling solutions in our after-sales technical support:  

Tier-1 problems will be handled within four workinghours, and all the related departments (including the heads of theCircuit Dept. and Technical Dept.) will take part in troubleshooting.

For tier-2 problems, NW will locate the cause on the NW networkwithin 15 minutes.

Remote technical support will be provided for tier-3 and tier-4 problems forunlimited number of times.

To meet customerrequirements, NW provides awide range of technical support and services:

Telephone support: common network faults or alarms

Field service:problems that cannot be resolved through phone calls or remote diagnosis

Equipmentreplacement or maintenance: hardware equipment faults identified through remote diagnosis

Report and prevention of network security system faults: NW periodically provides network fault reports and tailors preventive solutions for existing problems of each customer.

Software version upgrade and enhancement: NW periodically upgrades the equipment software based on customer requirements.

Email support: common network faults and alarms

Internet support: common network faults and alarms

Periodic report:NW periodically provides network operation reports for customers.

System emergency polices: NW provides value-added services based on customer requirements. 

NW is the only supplier in the industry thatprovides a standardonline customer service platform.

Professional engineers provide 24-hour one-to-one serviceto reduce the time for communication with customers so that customers can resolve problems once for all by simplymaking a call.

Email, telephone, and remote technical support servicesare provided for customers free of charge within the service period.

Customer profiles are set up, and engineers provideconsultation and diagnosis for technical problems, as well as route backup andrecovery.

NW provides the route backup, remote installation,and maintenance services to customers all around the world.

Customers can remotely log in to the NW networksystem for system maintenance through Internet or Intranet.

NW provides standard processes for the after-salesservice.