Professional Network Service

·        NW delivers total network solution design(smart networking and network acceleration), system installation andconfiguration services for customers.
·        Professional engineers provide one-to-one service toreduce the time for communication with customers so that customers can resolve Internet and intranet issues once for all bysimply making a call.
·        After installation of the equipment, NW providesthe professional User Acceptance Test (UAT).
·        The network availability between access points is as highas 99.99%.
·        NW provides the most stable circuit and accesssolutionsin the local area, suggestions, and backup solution to minimize networkinterruptions.
·        NW has service centers all round China, andprovides the single window service for mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
·        NW provides real-time system monitoring,professional operation consultation, and security consultation services.
·        NW provides professional total network solutionsthat cover smart networking, network acceleration, private line, MAN, email,firewall, VoIP, and video conference.
·        Voice mails of VIP users are replied within 30 minutes.
·                      NW is serving over 100 customers all aroundChina, and has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in network services.