Wi-Fi Solution
Wi-Fi Solution

Mobile Internet is changing the entire business world. It is estimated that the number of smartphone users in China will hit 0.6 billion by 2013, which provides a huge business opportunity. All enterprises wish to excel in their own fields with the help of mobile Internet, and become the mobile application pioneer in the industry.


Ø  Mobile applications for star and chain hotels

Mobile reservation, hotel image presentation, discount push, food ordering, service rating, mobile advertisement, Internet access provisioning, and data collection

Ø  Mobile applications for large-sized shopping malls

O2O marketing and promotion, electronic coupon distribution, product seckill, activity promotion, consumption data collection, Internet access provisioning, and advertisement

Ø  Mobile applications for large-sized commercial organizations

Unified tenant wireless access management, tenant advertisement preparation and promotion, commercial O2O, product booking, establishment of commercial ecosystem, questionnaire survey, marketing activity promotion, tenant coupon distribution, restaurant reservation, Wi-Fi service, and consumption data collection


Analysis of Wireless Applications for Businesses

Ø  Customer Wi-Fi service

Wi-Fi coverage inside a shopping mall has become a fundamental service function of a large-sized shopping mall. Provision of the Wi-Fi service can increase customer satisfaction and attract consumers to the shopping mall. 

Ø  Brand promotion

To use the free-of-charge Wi-Fi service in the shopping mall, customers need to watch the advertisements pushed by the Wi-Fi network. The wireless platform of a shopping mall becomes a channel for promoting brands or products of tenants. This not only increases the business revenues of the shopping mall, but also helps tenants sell more products.

Ø  Customer data collection

Contact information of consumers visiting the shopping mall can be collected by means of Wi-Fi authentication. When an activity is held in the shopping mall, the shopping mall can push information about the activity accurately to the consumer group to ensure that consumers who have not seen the advertisement can learn about the activity. 

Ø  Activity spot interaction

The sponsor and activity participants can upload the live information about the activity to public platforms through Wi-Fi to share the activity with friends so that more people can follow activities held by the shopping mall.

To use the Wi-Fi service provided in the activity site, customers must apply for a Wi-Fi password using their mobile phones. When they use the Wi-Fi service, the service provider can collect their contact information and provides information about the activities held there to the collected contacts.

With the Wi-Fi service, customers can share the fun that they have in the place with their friends so that more potential consumers can learn the activities there.

Later, the wireless platform can keep regular information interaction with the customers to improve the loyalty of consumers. 

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