The business environment today is changing rapidly, and enterprises face increasingly fierce competition, continuously decreasing profits, and ever evolving business models. How to use new technologies to reduce the communication costs, improve the work efficiency, and build a well collaborative employee team become critical for the development of enterprises. To handle these challenges, enterprises are seeking for technical solutions that can bring competitive edges for them. IP-based communication becomes the first choice of successful enterprises. 
      The comprehensive smart communication system is tailored for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It provides leading communication based on the broadband network of the enterprise, and is also compatible with its existing PSTN line and equipment. better implements various voice communication services originally provided by the traditional telephone exchange, such as extension management, smart switchboard, conference call, call queue, and one number link you (ONLY), and enhances the visualization, interactiveness, and cost-effectiveness of these functions. In addition, integrates data-based functions, such as the soft terminal, instant messaging, status monitoring, address book, and voice mail, to meet the voice/data integrated technical requirements of enterprises. It promotes the integration of the enterprise's communication system with its business processes, and improves the enterprise image, customer satisfaction, communication efficiency, creating more values for the enterprise. 
      With the rapid development of IP networks, more and more enterprises invest in the construction of office data networks and migrate their daily business processes to the IP network. Meanwhile, applications based on the enterprise data network also are also growing rapidly. According to a survey by Forrester, 68% multinational enterprises believe that their networks are a major source that brings them competitive edges. 
      The new technology that integrates data, voice, and video services over the packet network provides more diversified communication applications for enterprises, for example, portable PSTN number, remote enterprise extensions free of geographic restrictions, toll traffic distribution within the enterprise, network conference call any time any place, and face-to-face video communication. 

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Integration of broadband communication with traditional communication
(1) Broadband communication provides diversified and flexible functions. 
(2) The solution is compatible with existing PSTN equipment of the enterprise, thus protecting its investments. 
(3) The solution integrates the fixed, mobile, email, and web communication methods. 
(4) The solution supports both voice and video communication.