Smart Email
Smart Email

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With the information explosion today, technologies change rapidly. To seize opportunities in the fast-developing economic environment of China, enterprises must change continuously and advance with the times to retain their competitive edges. While realizing business transformation, you need a stable operation center to support reliable, powerful, and flexible network services, and meanwhile provide unimaginable economies of scale and low-cost scalability to meet business requirements today and in the future. If you are still troubled by network issues that affect your business, call NW and NW will provide you with professional consultation services. 
Smart Email System
Solution Introduction: 
Providing one-stop email service
Smart multi-route
Smart monitoring and management of the email system
Smart anti-spam
Powerful functions (branded servers featuring high speed, high efficiency, stability, reliability, and multi-domain-name management)
Supporting email sending or receiving through mobile phones

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1. Provide one-stop email service and the smart multi-route function.
2. Support sending and receiving of emails on the web page. 
3. Monitor sending and receiving of all emails and back up all the emails.
4. Support one IP address for multiple domain names.
5. Configure both the China IP address and international Internet egress for the email server. 
6. Provide the smart DNS service, that is, automatically routing sent and received international emails to the international 
egress, and sent and received domestic emails to the Internet line in China.
7. Provide another email server as the mirror of the email server (when one server is down, the other server can 
automatically take over services.)
8. Provide an anti-spam solution. 
9. When the network connection is interrupted, the backup email server is started to receive emails for your company.
 When the network connection is restored, all the received emails are transferred to your email server. 
10. Support customization of the email system based on customer requirements.