In the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN solution, NW use the multi-VPN technology based on different customer requirements and VPN configurations deployed in different environments to flexibly implement high-quality network resource sharing for customers. This solution turns zero-distance communication between offices in different areas into a reality. The MPLS technology, or IPSec L2 VPN, is used to connect offices and devices located in different areas with each other. The MPLS VPN solution provides secure, reliable, and highly efficient networks to transfer data, voice, and video and provide Quality of Service (QoS) assurance. Therefore, it is the best choice for a cost-effective, secure, and high-performance network.
The core of MPLS is edge routing and core switching. It integrates L3 routing and L2 forwarding on the same system and labels and switches data packets to shorten the transmission delay and increase the network transmission speed.
The most striking technical feature of MPLS is that the order that data packets are transmitted can be specified to provide high-quality value-added services, such as the differential service (diff-serv), Class of Service (CoS), and QoS. The MPLS-based VPN is suitable for enterprises, in which a lot of information needs to be exchanged between subsidiaries or branches.
Common challenges to Internet VPN
l   When an enterprise develops to a certain scale, it may have two or more branches, and the headquarters and branches are located in different cities and cannot be covered by the same MAN. The enterprise requires centralized management of its human resources, financial resources, materials, supply chain, and markets. Therefore, the headquarters and branches must be effectively interconnected to build a unified network platform, thus well preparing for the information network evolution in the future.
l   An enterprise sets up an Internet-based VPN using the IPSec, PPTP, or SSL technology. Instability, less satisfying availability, and bottlenecks of hardware firewalls of Internet, however, may cause failures of system applications of the enterprise network, which seriously affects the enterprise's efficiency in business operation.
l   An enterprise itself has built a convergent communication system (incorporating the enterprise voice service, video conferencing service, and unified communication service) and a large-sized ERP system. The data traffic increases significantly and exceeds the capacity of the existing VPN. A dedicated network, or enterprise private network, is required to bear the heavy data traffic. If the traditional DDN or FR technology is used to build the network, the enterprise needs to make repetitive investments, and this method does not meet the enterprise's requirements for information network construction in the future.
In the preceding cases, MPLS VPN can be considered because its leading, reliable, and secure services can meet enterprises' requirements for future development.
The MPLS VPN solution is characterized by dual routers and dual networks that work in hot backup mode. Less important data of the customer can be transmitted through the standby line, or the standby Internet feature can be combined with the VPN originally set up on the public network to effectively consolidate and utilize network resources.
When interconnecting self-built networks, an enterprise should consider the following issues:
Comprehensive network planning and long-term expansion planning
Selection of high-quality line supplier and consolidation of system resources provided by different line suppliers
Professional 24/7 line monitoring, line drop alarm, fast response to faults, and troubleshooting process
Line data distribution and data analysis
Detailed arrangements about equipment customization, installation, update, and maintenance
Economic loss caused by poor collaboration between the equipment suppliers, line suppliers, and network suppliers
Complete disaster recovery
Network talents management, and setup and update of the technical team
Professional line installation application, migration, and upgrade

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Ø  Total network planning solution: including network planning, line selection, engineering implementation, after-sales support, and maintenance solutions.
Ø  Professional network consultation service: Help customers resolve Internet and intranet issues once for all.
Ø  Consolidation of quality resources of operators: The professional line resource team applies for line installation and handles various property-related issues.
Ø  Construction of primary and secondary networks: Enterprises can adopt the dual-network scheme, and the two networks work in mutual backup mode.
Ø  Fully-responsible window: NW is the sole service supplier, and therefore will take all responsibilities for all problems met by customers without passing these problems to other vendors.
Ø  Fast and professional service: Professional engineers provide 24-hour one-to-one service to reduce the time for communication with customers. Problems can be resolved at a phone call. The network is uninterruptedly monitored throughout the year, and comprehensive network system services are provided.
Ø  Network command of the headquarters: The bandwidth at the headquarters is sufficient and is equal to the sum of all bandwidths of branches.
Ø  Truly reliable availability: The network availability between network access points is as high as 99.99%.
Ø  Professional installation and compatibility test: After equipment is installed, NW provides the professional User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
Ø  Free of equipment maintenance: Customers do not need to consider the issue of selecting hardware equipment, and hardware can be upgraded or expanded at any time free of charge.
Ø  Value-added services for the entire system: NW provides total solutions that cover the professional turnkey line (such as the private line and MAN) and system equipment (such as the email, firewall, internal 电话交换机, VC, and network monitoring).
Ø  Rich experience: NW has more than 10 years of network service experience, and is serving more than 600 customers all over China.